Running in the Family

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Sunshine coast

As a working mum of two girls and a dog, life can be busy. Finding time to work, run my own business, manage logistics, exercise, relax and of course spend time with my family can be difficult.  Balance and juggling is something we talk of often and a recurring theme, particularly with other parents.

At the weekend I found a way to spend a few days satisfying all of the areas of my life.

On Friday the family flew to the Sunshine Coast. We took some time away from the day to day distractions and spent two days as a family having fun and enjoying the sunshine. On Sunday morning I was up and out before anyone else was awake. I took part in the Sunshine Coast half marathon and was delighted to see my family there at the end to cheer me over the finish line. It was an amazing event and allowed me the time to exercise and compete in an event. With 3 years between half marathons for me due to injury this was a special event.

Then 2 hours later the rest of the family lined up for the 2km run. My 7 year old daughter decided to run alone and my 5 year old ran with dad. Both girls did amazing. They loved the run, but mostly loved the huge and brightly coloured medals they won. After the race they enjoyed the fresh fruit, followed by a free pony ride, some delicious food and the purchase of a commemorative towel of "the best day ever".

We spent the rest of Sunday on the beach enjoying the ocean on our tired legs.

Events such as the Sunshine Coast Marathon Festival allow my family to get away, spend quality time together and do something that we love which is good for us. I love to see my daughters' love of running develop - even if it is fueled by their growing medal collection.

Having shared hobbies as a family, particularly things which are good for you or provide you with a fun or relaxing experience can be amazing.

I know that we will be making our way back to the Sunshine Coast for another run next year!

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